Back from My Break

I had taken a short break from creating because I has so many pieces of jewelry to list, but I am now back creating pieces again. I am so glad because creating helps to relax me and I enjoy it so much! Here is a pair of earrings I just recently made and listed!


Sewing Jewelry

In some of my fabric pieces I used liquid sew. I am also incorporating some hand sewing. I would love to use my sewing machine but I have never sewed such small pieces with a machine. Here are some pieces I am working on for my mod collection.
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Fabric Jewelry

As you can see in my mod jewelry collection, I have incorporated some fabric jewelry into my creations. I love making the earrings and am working on 2 necklaces. I have the designs finally. I have the pieces cut out and will be putting them together soon.
I wanted to try making a bracelet but could not come up with anything that I thought would look mod. I did however still want to make one so I created this cuff. The shaping was difficult but with some heat from the iron and something to wrap it around, I finally got it to curve nicely. Since it is just a prototype I won’t be selling it. This one is for me.
Here is how I made it..
Using liquid stitch I took 4 sided bias tape and ironed it out flat to create the width. I cut 2 pieces and put them together with some thin quilting stuffing in between, Then I finished off with the tape. Added a clasp and sewed on some bling.
My first cuff!


New Tools


I got new tools today. I got a hand drill, and it has quite a few bits and other attachments. It will be the first time I ever used a drill but I want to extend my metal working experience and capabilities. I would like to make some cold connection pieces as well. Right now I am working with copper as it is very easy to work with and it is so beautiful. What I am hoping for is to not only create beautiful pieces of jewelry, but to also have options from having to buy metal pieces such as charms and pendants. I find the need for both and I like having many options as it gives more to the creative process, at least for me. Stringing beads and wire work have a special place in my jewelry though so I hope to spend more time creating those also!