Sewing Jewelry

In some of my fabric pieces I used liquid sew. I am also incorporating some hand sewing. I would love to use my sewing machine but I have never sewed such small pieces with a machine. Here are some pieces I am working on for my mod collection.
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Fabric Jewelry

As you can see in my mod jewelry collection, I have incorporated some fabric jewelry into my creations. I love making the earrings and am working on 2 necklaces. I have the designs finally. I have the pieces cut out and will be putting them together soon.
I wanted to try making a bracelet but could not come up with anything that I thought would look mod. I did however still want to make one so I created this cuff. The shaping was difficult but with some heat from the iron and something to wrap it around, I finally got it to curve nicely. Since it is just a prototype I won’t be selling it. This one is for me.
Here is how I made it..
Using liquid stitch I took 4 sided bias tape and ironed it out flat to create the width. I cut 2 pieces and put them together with some thin quilting stuffing in between, Then I finished off with the tape. Added a clasp and sewed on some bling.
My first cuff!


New Tools


I got new tools today. I got a hand drill, and it has quite a few bits and other attachments. It will be the first time I ever used a drill but I want to extend my metal working experience and capabilities. I would like to make some cold connection pieces as well. Right now I am working with copper as it is very easy to work with and it is so beautiful. What I am hoping for is to not only create beautiful pieces of jewelry, but to also have options from having to buy metal pieces such as charms and pendants. I find the need for both and I like having many options as it gives more to the creative process, at least for me. Stringing beads and wire work have a special place in my jewelry though so I hope to spend more time creating those also!


Getting Creative

Trying to be creative in my work as well as trying experimenting with new techniques and supplies. I took a walk down the street to the local hardware store to  pick up supplies for my first metal piece. No waiting for supplies to be shipped, nor shipping charges! Everything right there for the picking. Also what was wonderful was the helpful advice the people who worked there had for me. I still need a few things like a small buffer, and a hole puncher, but this is my first piece, hand cut, textured, and hammered from copper flashing.  I used copper wire to wrap two pretty glass beads to it. My first piece..

Finished it by hand..